The River and Our Region

From the earliest days of settlement in this area, men and women have felt a strong connection to the Ohio River and the land it nourishes. For more than 200 years, it has been a thoroughfare for explorers, traders and countless other people seeking a new and better life as this nation expanded westward. Generation after generation, they have been inspired by their love of the land and the river to build healthier, stronger, and more beautiful communities not only for themselves, but also for future generations, while living in harmony with the landscape around them.

The early pioneers often described Kentucky as a “beautiful meadowland.” Today, the river is the centerpiece of everyday life for more than a million men, women and children who are touched by it in one way or another. However, the loveliest expanses of rolling hills or productive farmland are now in jeopardy as a result of unfettered development.

While the population of Louisville has grown at the rate of under 5 percent annually for almost two decades, land consumption has ballooned to a rate of over 50 percent. Such land use changes gobble up open spaces and stretch critical infrastructure such as schools, sewers, roads, and government finances.

River Fields is dedicated to ensuring that the Ohio River and its “beautiful meadowland” are used wisely and with respect. Today, in the face of explosive growth and development, unchecked encroachment threatens the vitality of the Ohio River as well as its tributaries and the lands they support. Careful planning that blends recreational, residential, industrial and commercial use in a way that benefits the entire community is needed in order to protect, preserve and enhance the connection we have with our area’s most important natural resource – the Ohio River.

The river connects us all. This is our belief and our experience.