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Here are just a few ways you have made a difference by supporting River Fields:

  • A sand and gravel company with barges loading on the River would have been close to West Point, one of the oldest towns in Kentucky and a critical Civil War fort.
  • A strip mall and a two-story glass and steel used car lot would be on River Road between Zorn Avenue and Mockingbird Valley Road.
  • Garvin Brown Preserve would not exist.
  • A coal-processing plant could have been situated on the River between Beargrass Creek and Zorn Avenue.
  • Over 2,200 acres would be open for development.

The River Corridor would look very different today if River Fields did not exist. Very different.

Give to continue River Fields’ work throughout the community.

River Fields supports the community in countless ways, including:

PUBLIC HEALTH with land conservation projects that protect the tree canopy and wetlands, critical natural filters for our air and water. Land conservation also preserves places like Garvin Brown Preserve where children can safely run, play and experience nature outdoors.

OUR ECONOMY through advocacy for smart urban development and the preservation of small working farms. Unplanned suburban development can reduce the loss of fertile farmland, thereby driving small farmers out of business, reducing our access to local food, and increasing our dependence on mass-farmed GMO products.

OUR ENJOYMENT of the Ohio River Corridor with a sense of place and community through preservation of places that are unique to the area.

Please take a minute to support us today!

Your generous support will enable us to:

  • Lead land conservation and historic preservation in the river corridor
  • Apply for accreditation
  • Increase stewardship of over 2,200 acres, preserved forever

The positive outcome of our endeavors will remain long after we are gone – and the river will still be here, giving future generation’s fresh water, beauty, strength and a sense of place.