“ This is where the future is – in the unique combination of advocacy for the right decisions about land and water usage for the community, and conserving land at the same time.”
– Rand Wentworth, President, the Land Trust Alliance

One of River Fields’ primary goals is to provide education on the importance of the river, the cultural and natural resources of the river corridor, public access needs, and open space protection as well as growth issues that might jeopardize these resources.

To accomplish this goal, we provide vital information to and work closely with local citizen’s organizations, decision makers, and the news media. We accomplish this through a number of tools, including meetings and presentations, group emails, letters to the editor of area media outlets and distribution of fact sheets. River Fields keeps area residents informed about critical topics that impact the river and our region.

We have also educated members of the legal community about conservation easements, the National Historic Preservation Act, and the Safe Drinking Water Act through continuing education seminars at the Louisville Bar Association.

River Fields uses a wide range of educational tools to inform the public, including fact sheets, email alerts, and events such as tours of historic and conserved properties.

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